Get ready for your first career event

How-to guides
It's really easy! See for yourself.
We have built career platforms for a decade. We understand the importance of intuitive and user-friendly interfaces and processes. The event platform doesn't require much onboarding - but we made the tutorials anyways.

1. Creating an event

In this video, you will learn how to log into your Online Career Events account and create a virtual career fair. Creating an event is very intuitive, and you will be able to personalise it with different features and images, paste your prepared event copy, and even add engaging videos.

In order to log in and access Create an Event, you should already have an Online Career Events user profile with Admin rights. If you are unsure of how to do this, please reach out to us!

2. Managing your event

Managing your virtual career fair is easy with the help of our simple and intuitive interface. In this video, we show you where to edit your event, find information on companies attending, the list of registered attendees, as well as where to manage live events and webinars.

Additionally, the LIVE Statistics tab will equip you with information on your virtual career fair and any occurring live presentations and webinars - information that will, of course, continue to be available to you after the event.

3. Setting up a live presentation (webinar)

Setting up live presentations during an online career event is very simple. As the organiser, you can easily schedule and activate time slots for any organisation that wishes to present live during your virtual career fair.

1. Creating an employer profile and registering to an event

This video illustrates how to register as a recruiter, which is necessary in order to participate in a virtual career fair. Creating a Recruiter account on Online Career Events is quick and easy, and allows you to register to any existing events and then create your company stall.

2. Creating a stall

Your company stall at a virtual career fair is highly personalizable. You can add your company logos, prepared stall copy and even a presentation video to increase interest. This video will show you how to quickly set up your stall for an event.

3. Setting up interview time slots

Having time for interviews is an amazing way to directly connect with potential candidates. In this video, you will learn how to add interview slots to your company stall and manage the interview requests you receive.

4. Managing incoming chats

Throughout the virtual career fair, potential candidates will be able to interact with your stall through the chat system. This video shows you how to easily manage your chat conversations - which will continue being available to you once the event has ended.

5. Reaching out to candidates

During an event, you will be able to easily source relevant candidates. In this video, we show you how to find and contact potential applicants. By setting filters, you will be able to access the profiles and CV information of event attendees and easily start chatting with your selections right then and there.