Flexible Events - Flexible Pricing

Easily set up your virtual career event

We have simplified your virtual event host experience. Start with the Essential package and see how we can customise your events according to your needs - flexibility and transparent prices are key.

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An event that lasts what you need it to

The standard 4 hours give you plenty of time to execute an online career event. However, the duration can be extended to a full-day event - or even extended over several days.

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LIVE Presentations and Webinars

Webinars add a lot of value for event visitors - and significant exposure to presenting companies. The Essential Setup includes unlimited pre-recorded presentations - but you can of course upgrade to LIVE Presentations.

Premium experience for exhibitors

Provide additional value to your exhibitors with Premium Features that help evaluate their participation, or customised marketing tools to drive additional traffic to select stalls or job listings. Offer your exhibitors detailed ROI reports for your exhibitors, built-in pop-ups targeting a defined audience, and highlighted logos.

Boost group interaction

Offer your participants and exhibitors more meaningful interaction with Breakout Rooms - scheduled and hosted right on the platform.

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Our team of VCF Specialists is ready to show you a short demo of our Virtual Career Fairs and answer any question you may have!

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