From Knowledge Collaboration to Value Co-creation in the Digital Age at Copenhagen Business School

Knowledge collaboration can take place in very different forms, on different types of online communities or social digital platforms involving different actors (human or bots) in the digital age. Collaboration may drive different forms of knowledge production that may lead to value co-creation and innovation in very different application domains (e.g. social innovation, co-branding). The study of this topic may be approached through both qualitative (e.g. case study, interviews, or nethnography) or quantitative methods (e.g. surveys).

Questions are not limited but may relate to different aspects of collaboration, co-creation or open (digital) innovation including: The motivation: Why various actors engage in collaboration? And how can they be motivated? The process: How do various actors engage in various forms of interactions (knowledge sharing? And how can collaboration be fostered? The outcome: How to assess the outcome of knowledge collaboration? How to assess the business value of social collaborative platforms?

Keywords: knowledge sharing, collaboration, co-creation, knowledge creation, or (open) innovation

Liana Razmerita,

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